This summer, we are committed to seeing more High Performance Gardens than ever before. The Abundance Garden Course Scholarships Giveaway is just one of the many ways we want to share this system with you!

My mission is to see 5,000 new High Performance Gardeners this year. Can you imagine what 5,000 weed free, productive and organic gardens would do for this world? If each of those tiny gardens even did half as well as our High Performance demonstration garden, they would produce 1 million dollars worth of produce in just one year!

I can’t give this gift to the world on my own, I need your help to teach others the beauty of gardening. Together we will grow, share and teach. That’s why I want to giveaway 5 Abundance Garden Course scholarships. To reach the goal of 5,000 High Performance Gardens the world needs a few more teachers. This online course has all of the support, soil recipes, and plans you need to grow a High Performance Garden this year, and to begin teaching others immediately!

To enter to win one of the Abundance Garden Course scholarships, just subscribe to the free High Performance Garden Show at It would be an honor to have you come along and begin learning for free today. Each subscriber of the free High Performance Garden Show will be entered into this contest.

The free High Performance Garden Show is part of my gift to the world to begin teaching them week by week what this system is capable of. So far in the past 13 episodes, there have been pest control tips, soil biology lessons and lots of produce harvested. In the coming weeks, there is still so much to learn, explore and taste from the garden!

Are you serious about spreading the word about easy fun gardening?

Would you like to increase the chance that you and your friends and family get to learn this innovative growing system?

When you refer your friend to sign up for the High Performance Garden Show, you both are entered into the contest twice! They will also begin learning from the free High Performance Garden Show immediately.

Share this link –  to increase your chances of winning one of the Abundance Garden Course scholarships.

Hurry! This scholarship contest will announce its winners July 1st!

Let’s make the world a better place, discover High Performance Gardening, today.

Share the link above with your friends and family by sharing this blog post or by sharing the images below. Make sure that when you do share, that they put your email address in the referral field of the signup form.  Otherwise, we won’t know that they are a friend of yours!

Are you ready to spread the word about High Performance Gardening?

I hope to see you in the Abundance Garden Course on July 1st.


Here are some custom invitations to get you started. Hope to see you in the Abundance Garden Course as a new student! 

Abundance Garden Course Scholarships Pinterest

Abundance Garden Course Scholarships Pinterest

Abundance Garden Course Scholarships Pinterest

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