Camille Macres brings the joy of food back to the Paleo world with her approach to cooking delicious whole food meals! In this episode of the Paleo Garden Podcast join Camille Macres and I to discuss the beauty of whole foods and how to take back the joys of eating. I know that I struggled when I first began Paleo. That first Thanksgiving was difficult because I didn’t know what to cook! Camille Macres has written the cookbook Paleogasm as well as hosts the first ever Paleo cooking show. Her fun and easy going approach makes cooking enjoyable and accessible and the recipes are delicious. Even if you have never struggled with knowing what to cook her fresh take on food is perfect for helping you to expand your repertoire.  I love watching Camille’s Paleo Kitchen and her recipes are always a win. Join us as we discuss the beauty of food and our shared mission of having healthcare begin at home, in the  kitchen and garden. 

To watch Camille’s Paleo Kitchen, peruse the first chapters of Paleogasm or follow her blog visit 

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!


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