The 7th gift my garden gives me is pride.  Even after 30 years, I am still in awe of what the garden and I can co-create.  I get to be a part of the miracle of creation every day.  I carefully harvest the most amazing vegetables then bring them home to my beloved family.  I say to them, “Look at what I grew”, with a smile as big as my vegetable, my chest exploding with pride.  This is one of the best feelings in the world and I co-create this with my garden.

In a High Performance Garden System, I feel pride in every harvest and planting. There is so much this garden is capable of without the burden of weeds, pests, and diseases. This organic growing system is so easy for me to tend to, that I can easily grow enough for my family in just 15 minutes a day.

Because of my family’s secret soil mix, growing in container gardens and making sure the garden is well fed, this garden averages 5 pounds of produce per square foot. In 2015, the demonstration High Performance Garden I filmed for the course the Abundance Garden, grew 743 pounds of organic super nutrient dense produce. This garden was only 128 square feet and averaged 15 minutes a day of care. Can you imagine the sort of pride you would have in a garden like this?

green in greenhouse july

The fact that when you grow in an organic garden like this, that you are also giving back to the earth is another reason to feel pride in a High Performance Garden. A healthy soil food web will sequester carbon and reduce the effects of climate change. Now that’s a garden to be proud of!

tomato jungle

What harvest have you been proud of this summer? Share with us in the comments below! If you would like to learn more about increasing your garden’s produce, how to grow a weed free garden and organic pest control, watch the free High Performance Garden Show or enroll in our Abundance Garden Course.

Until then, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,


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