Jeremy Hendon and his wife Louise Hendon have been working for the Paleo community for years. In the past few years they developed a Paleo granola and magazine. These two have written countless articles, ebooks and recipes together.  In this episode of the Paleo Garden Podcast, Jeremy shares about their work in the Paleo Community. Jeremy is especially passionate about sharing weight loss techniques for the Paleo community. His own personal health journey has taught him techniques for simple and lasting weight loss. As well as easy weight loss he is also learning more about self compassion. He is busy writing an ebook detailing self compassion due to come out 2016. This skill goes hand in hand with any weight loss plan and takes a lifetime to master. When we make a mistake in our diet or in any other aspect of our life forgiving ourselves and moving forward is the healthy thing to do. However, we often create a cycle where we repeatedly make those same mistakes.  Join Jeremy and I to discuss self empathy, his personal journey with the Paleo lifestyle and great tips for weight loss!

To listen to this interview on your favorite mobile device check out the podcast in iTunes. Want to stay connected with Jeremy Hendon and his work  with Paleo Flourish Magazine or self encouragement ebook? Visit and to stay updated. Don’t forget to search for him on your favorite social media websites!

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