John Durant, the author of the Paleo Manifesto, is the face of the Paleo lifestyle. With his self proclaimed “caveman” look he has been a darling of the media. Years before the fame he began his search for better health by reading an essay from Art De Vany titled Evolutionary Fitness. This was John’s springboard into the Paleo Lifestyle. When he makes any life decisions he dives fully into it, he created a Paleo MeetUp group and wrote a book completely unique in it’s approach to the Paleo lifestyle. His easygoing nature and passion for history make the Paleo Manifesto the perfect read for Paleos and non Paleos  alike. Not long after the book was released he helped found an Angel Investing firm, Wild Ventures. This service helps start up Paleo companies to launch their product and quickly. Join John and me to discuss where religion fits into our evolutionary path, how to biohack your way to health and his latest projects!

Want more answers on recapturing the Paleo lifestyle for the modern day? Make sure you read the Paleo Manifesto to get a unique description of the Paleo diet. Read a free sample chapter of the Paleo Manifesto or follow John on his blog to get updates on his latest speaking events at

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