Mark Sisson the creator of the blog Mark’s Daily Apple joined up with us for a Paleo Garden Expert Interview. On the interview Mark shares his story to health and how he inspires others to thrive in a healthy lifestyle. From an early age Mark showed interest in living a healthy life. The common knowledge of the day led him to running marathons to stay in shape. He fueled his workouts with complex carbohydrates from the recommended Mediterranean diet. Mark was in the upper echelon of runners and regarded as the essence of health. So, why was he struggling with irritable bowel syndrome, esophageal reflux, arthritis and respiratory infections 6-8 times a year in his 20’s?

Once Mark retired from Marathon running his mission became regaining his health. His personal discoveries became the book, the Primal Blueprint. The Primal Blueprint isn’t another diet, it is a lifestyle that focuses on enjoying life while decreasing pain, suffering and sacrifice. His books, blog and company: Primal Nutrition are all designed to help anyone achieve this lifestyle. His latest work includes an incredible paleo mayonnaise and the launch of the restaurant franchise the Primal Kitchen. He is truly making the Paleo lifestyle more enjoyable and easily attainable without the sacrifice and pain!


Become a certified Primal Blueprint educator, peruse his blogs or get connected with other Paleos on his forums at

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