Michelle Norris Interview

Michelle Norris the co founder and CEO of the organization, Paleo f(x),  joined us in the Paleo Garden to discuss Paleo f(x) 2016, ancestral wellness and having an 80-20 outlook on Paleo. Michelle and her husband Keith found themselves living a new normal that left them feeling healthy and vital unlike their previous traditional “health food” diet. Once they switched their lifestyle to a paleolithic lifestyle Michelle became the ultimate Paleo evangelist. They both founded the Paleo f(x) organization, own Arc fitness and work with ID Life. All of their work helps people to embrace a life of true ancestral wellness.

In our interview Michelle describes what the term “ancestral wellness” means to her personally. She also gives us the inside story of founding the wildly popular Paleo f(x) and what we have to look forward for next year. I’ve always believed that the f(x) in Paleo f(x) stood for food prescription. Michelle graciously explained what the f(x) truly stood for, and was I surprised by her answer! Listen to the podcast to find out what the f(x) truly means and how to enjoy your paleo lifestyle.

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