Natcha Maithai is a holistic practitioner based in Toronto Canada. Her no-nonsense scientific approach is refreshing and surprisingly flexible. She believes in tailoring your diet according to your specific needs. She was a fitness guru, and cancer researcher for 10 years. Until her health breakdown in 2012. Severe hormonal issues made her search out a different system to regain her health. Chris Kresser and Sarah Ballentyne (she is one of my personal heroes in the Paleo movement) were two of the experts that helped her regain her health. As she transformed her lifestyle to one that followed her ancestral roots she made the logical transition to becoming a holistic practitioner. Today she dreams of helping Canadians access real foods. She now organizes the Paleo Toronto Meetup that has over 300 members, has an active practice and blog Wild & Nerdy Wellness. Join Natcha Maithai and me in the Paleo Garden to learn more about her story of regaining her health and her passion for inspiring people to embrace change in their own life!

Want access to Natcha’s free reports, webinars and blog posts? Check out her blog Wild & Nerdy Wellness to learn more. If you want to connect with the Paleo Toronto Meetup, or any Paleo Meetup for that matter, go to and search Paleo. You will not want to miss the opportunity to have the support of a community of Paleo’s. It is integral to your future success!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!


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