A High Performance Paleo Garden takes your lifestyle to the next level by making it more…

  • Affordable: in this unique system you can save $1000’s in grocery savings and eat nutrient dense produce for pennies a day. Now you can afford the other paleo foods.
  • Nutrient Dense: this garden system not only ensures productivity but the highest nutrient density possible. This level of nutrient density cannot be found in any grocery store. You are in control of the quality of your produce now!
  • Available: this garden system is designed to take the hard out of gardening. 15 minutes per day can feed 2-3 paleo’s the produce they need. This system saves you time and doesn’t require much space.
  • Connected: gardening connects you with nature like no other activity can. When you are in a system that is in harmony with nature and not working against it gardening becomes more than just a chore. It becomes meditation.

The first revolutionary online high performance garden course. The Abundance Garden Course is designed to help gardeners and non gardeners alike create their HPG in one season.

Immerse yourself in the blueprint to a High Performance Garden with Lynn Gillespie. Learn the 12 characteristics of a high performance garden so you can begin creating your HPG!

The Free High Performance Garden Community connects you with other gardeners and teaches you how to begin your high performance garden. This is the perfect way to begin your journey!

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