The Abundance Garden Course

 A High Performance Garden System in One Season

Saving money and eating the best quality produce do not always go hand in hand. Most garden systems are difficult and expensive so they cannot fit into your busy schedule. In a High Performance Garden you will have the benefits of:

  • Savings- You can save $1000’s of dollars per person when you grow your own organic produce. With those grocery savings our goal is to see you have the ability to buy an entire cow!
  • Nutrient Density- Your produce will be completely organic and grown in a system that has been designed to have the best nutrient density possible in an organic simple way.
  • More Time- In a high performance garden system the gardening is easy. Now you have more time to enjoy the things that you love. (Although you will most likely be in love with your garden by the time we are through!)


In the First Season in the Abundance Garden

we saved $2560 on our groceries and only spent 15 minutes a day harvesting, maintaining and planting. This high performance garden system makes gardening weed free, productive and incredibly easy.




The Online Abundance Garden Course

The Abundance Garden Course helps you to create this one of a kind system in your backyard in one season. Each part of the course is designed for gardeners and non-gardeners alike to have the support you need to have the garden of your dreams. The Abundance Garden Includes:

  • The Vegetable Journey
  • 10 Abundance Garden Basics Modules
  • The Vegetable Guide
  • Access to support from Lynn Gillespie and bonus documents




“For years I have been trying to make my organic garden become a weed free, productive and easy. This year I am experiencing the garden I have longed for! This revolutionary course has transformed my garden from a rototilled wreck to a high performing wonder. Lynn you are my garden hero!”


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