Is there such a thing as a Paleo Homestead? We believe so, and the ultimate Paleo Homesteader is Hayley Ryczek! Hayley Ryczek is the creator of Health Starts in the Kitchen. She has written two cookbooks and two ebooks. She also blogs frequently about her Paleo homestead adventures. This week on the Paleo Garden Interview show we discuss the simplicity of growing your own food. She also shares about her recent water fasts. Hayley has a unique perspective on the Paleo lifestyle. Growing up, her family mostly ate what they grew from their garden. She didn’t grow up on the standard american diet. Most of her meals were close to Paleo.  Her transition to eating according to a Paleo diet was a natural progression. Her little family has seen incredible health benefits from their Paleo lifestyle. Her husband overcame a seafood allergy! Join us below to discover what it takes to develop your Paleo Homestead. 

Stay in touch with Hayley by visiting her blog Health Starts in the Kitchen, where you can read her ebooks, follow her on social media or sign up for her newsletter! She has lots of articles and how-to-guides to begin to set up your Paleo Homestead today. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the interview series! Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic! 


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