Paleo Spices Primal PalateOn Primal Palate you can find Paleo spice mixes, free meal planning and endless new recipes to try out. Bill and Hayley the creators of Primal Palate have gone to great lengths to help the Paleo community with any of the issues that are so common with the Paleo lifestyle. They have co-written multiple cookbooks an ebook and countless recipes for their blog.  On the podcast they shared their journey to Paleo and their unusual offerings to the Paleo community. Their most recent gift to the community is their unique Autoimmune Protocol spice pack. I’m so excited about this new product of theirs and cannot wait to try it out! My assortment of Autoimmune spices is in the mail. These two entrepreneurs have quite the story to tell in this interview podcast. I never new that meal planning could be as easy as it is with their myKitchen section of their website. Join us on the show to learn how you can take your lifestyle to the next level with their helpful products and resources (and maybe meet some of their chicken flock along the way!


Hayley-ChickensTo learn more about Primal Palate’s Paleo spices, backyard chickens and myKitchen go to There you will find delicious cookbooks, easy meal planning services, the best Paleo spice assortment and so much more. 

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!


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