Paleo family living can be difficult sometimes. The common problems can be finding easy weekday meals and baking. Not to mention the difficulty of teaching your kids to enjoy real foods! Jennifer is familiar with all of these problems and has the answers for your Paleo family! Join Jennifer and I on the show to learn how to enjoy a delicious Paleo lifestyle. On this episode of the Paleo Garden Podcast we discuss her bread recipe, cookbooks and tips and tricks for fast Paleo family meals! Jennifer experienced debilitating health problems until she took control of her health and began a Paleo lifestyle. Since then she has become a pioneer in the Paleo baking world. Her recipes for Paleo bagels and breads taste so close to the real gluten thing! Get inspired by her story and learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level in this interview.

Want more recipes, looking for a delicious cookbook or just want to learn more from Jennifer? Check out Predominantly Paleo to read her blog, purchase her cookbooks and learn so much more. 

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