Nell Stephenson InterviewNell Stephenson, the author of Paleoista and creator of the blog All Things Paleo joined us in the Paleo Garden for anInterview. Her Paleo journey began in 2005 and her work in the Paleo community began not long afterwards as she contributed to The Paleo Diet newsletters for Dr. Loren Cordain. Her work for the founder of the Paleo Diet led to co-authoring the Paleo Diet Cookbook with Dr. Loren Cordain and his wife. Nell is also the author of Paleoista and the Pocket Paleo three part cookbook series.  Her passion for guiding those who want to save their health through diet change is contagious. In this interview she discusses her approach with her clients, “eat food and move”! Her healthy lifestyle coaching is a breath of fresh air and easy to get excited about. 

Nell’s passion for healthy living and nutrition was kindled at an early age. She began cooking at the age of four and experimenting with ways to take back her health in her twenties. In 2007 she began writing a blog a day on her blog All Things Paleo which later became the Paleoista websote. This incredible resource is still being added to daily. Join Nell and me in the Paleo Garden for our latest interview to learn more about her work and thoughts on misconceptions of the Paleo diet. 

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