Wahls Protocol Interview

Join me and Dr. Terry Wahls in the first Paleo Gardening Expert Interview! Discover the Wahls Protocol, the comprehensive diet and lifestyle change based on the latest science. Dr. Terry Wahls explains her diet and lifestyle that is optimized for increased brain health. Her incredible story of her battle with MS and how The Wahls Protocol took her from a zero gravity wheelchair to a 20 mile bike ride will inspire you.  Her vision for the future of the Wahls Protocol is to share it with the medical community so that more people worldwide have the skills they need to create their optimal health through diet and lifestyle. The Wahls Protocol is created to help people embrace better health starting in the kitchen. The Wahls Protocol has changed my families life and inspired the creation of the latest high performance garden online course, the Leafy Greens Container Garden Course.

Are you ready to learn all of this and find out about the other exciting programs and curriculum being developed by the Wahls Foundation? Join Dr. Terry and me in the first Paleo Gardening Expert Interview!

Would you like to learn more about Dr. Terry and the Wahls Protocol? Go to her website www.terrywahls.com to connect with her work. You won’t want to miss part two! Next week learn about the importance of eating all of the colors of the rainbow and how to make the Paleo lifestyle more affordable while eating the highest quality foods!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!

Lynn Gillespie

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