Wahls Protocol Interview

Part three of the Wahls Protocol interview we discuss the importance of eating whole foods. Enjoying those beet greens with our beets, the carrot tops that can go in a soup or the cauliflower leaves are completely edible. Eating the entire animal is another important part of the Wahls Protocol. The solution to changing the health crisis is eating a whole foods diet that starts in the garden and the kitchen. This produce filled diet begins by connecting with a garden in your backyard, back patio or windowsill.

The Wahls Foundation is doing clinical studies on the prevention of MS through produce filled diet and lifestyle changes. Dr. Terry shares the exciting future plans and how fundraising is going for future programs and studies. 

Are you ready for the interview? Join Dr. Terry and me in the last part of the Wahls Protocol interview!

Would you like to stay in touch with Dr. Terry? Read the Wahls Protocol or support the Wahls Foundation today! I cannot recommend The Wahls Protocol enough to you. It has changed my family’s life and my health. Take the Wahls Protocol challenge and start eating your 3 cups of leafy greens a day and enjoy the health changes. It will forever change your life!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!




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