The Everyday Grain Free Baking conundrum has been forever solved by Kelly Smith. Last year Kelly’s cookbook was released and the world of paleo/primal and gluten free baking will never be the same. Before the podcast I took the time to bake her dinner roll recipe and with wild success! My family  said that it tasted exactly like before we were Paleo. My mission is to make my food taste great always and this little cookbook is just the thing for that. Kelly is a full time blogger at the Nourishing Home as well as a full time mom. She specializes in meal planning, real food recipes and lots of encouragement. Her latest Whole30 meal plan for January is just the thing to get right back on track while enjoying delicious food. Listen to this latest podcast to learn more about her journey to health, how she shares real food with her kids and tips for your next baking project!

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